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Thriving in chaos: Adopting an Astute Perspective

​In the current climate of uncertainty and confusion, it seems that many of us are operating in a state of chaos. For some, the realities of COVID-19 are extreme health risks; for others, the risks are economic; for many, it is both. In addition, we need to be mindful of the challenges associated with social…

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Astute Consulting Services, How to minimise overwhelm in a time of massive uncertainty

​I’m sure we can all agree that the current situation with the coronavirus is entirely unprecedented. Things that just a few weeks ago seemed bizarre in the extreme have become our new “current” normal. The speed of change and the extent of disruption is anxiety-provoking for many, especially because what we thought we knew yesterday…

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How baby boomers can enhance their well-being and have a massive impact on society in their retirement

​It is no secret that the baby boomers are a generation of influence. There are a lot of them, and they are credited with creating historical shifts in the narratives around economics, politics, popular culture, education and consumer behaviour. Sociological and economic theories have been developed to identify the shifts associated with this generation’s progress…

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