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Grit, Growth and Gratitude

Empowering high performers to thrive by developing HABITS, SKILLS and MINDSET for sustainable success.

Is your high achieving teen feeling nervous about the upcoming school year?

Do they feel uncertain about what to expect in their new grade?

Do they feel concerned that the workload will be too much or the expectations too great?

Is your high achieving teen feeling nervous about the upcoming school year?

Do they want to maintain their social life, extra-curricular activities and possibly even a part-time job, but know they are going to have to study more than in previous years to get the results they desire?

Are they willing to do the work, but fear compromising their well-being in the process?

Do they have perfectionistic tendencies which can result in increased stress and anxiety around assessments?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above, this online program has been designed with your teen in mind.

Based on the psychological and neuroscientific principles of performance and well-being, this program has been developed to support high school students (aged 14 - 18 years) through their most important years of school study.

The intention of the program is to ensure students achieve their desired results whilst maintaining their well-being. The idea is to provide strategies which facilitate your teen working smarter rather than harder.

This program integrates real-world experience, derived from my personal experiences mentoring undergraduate university students for over a decade, with the latest research from performance psychology and neuroscience.

Designed to be delivered completely online, this program distills complex research findings into easy to grasp concepts, accompanied by simple strategies to implement and apply immediately.

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