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Identify what is possible.
Challenge your limitations.
Develop strategies for success.


The ASTUTE Transformation Blueprint provides a framework for cultivating a success mindset, regardless of the external circumstances. Informed by psychology and neuroscience, this framework is pivotal in enabling you to design and achieve your own version of excellence.

The ASTUTE Transformation Blueprint is as follows:

A - ALIGN - Attaining clarity about what really matter to you, including your core values, vision, purpose and mission. These guiding principles take the guesswork out of hard decisions, and enable you to navigate transitions with purpose.

S - SET - Set your intentions: what are you willing to BE and DO to thrive? In recognition that grit is a key predictor of success, it is valuable to identify how you will persist in times of challenge. Having a plan for BEING and DOING is a powerful antidote against the 3 Ws of staying stuck: wondering, worrying, and wishing.

T - THANK - Science has demonstrated that gratitude changes the structure and function of our brains. Actively looking for things for which we are grateful makes them more salient - we will notice good things more often and get the benefit of the neurochemical changes associated with those good things. It is impossible to be in fear and in gratitude at the same time.

U - UNDO - Consider what you can stop doing that isn't serving you well. When we stop doing things that aren't helpful, we create space to develop more positive habits.

T - TOGETHER - This recognises that one of the fundamental human needs is for connection. In order to cultivate success, it is important to recognise the people you have in your "team", and who you want in your team. It is also helpful to consider who may need/want your services/expertise, and find ways to connect with them.

E - ELEVATE - A growth mindset is another powerful predictor of success. This involves a willingness to seek opportunities to grow, and a mindset of using all experiences as a way of improving. Seeking to elevate can be as simple as asking yourself: "What can I do today that I will thank myself for tomorrow?". You can also look for ways to elevate others, which reinforces connection.


I create customised solutions for my clients with my unique combination of coaching, training and employee support services.

Recognising the wisdom of Einstein’s observation that you cannot solve a problem by approaching it with the same type of thinking you used when you created it, I do things differently.

Drawing from a range of disciplines, including coaching, psychology and neuroscience, I am committed to partnering with my clients to design tailored and tangible outcomes that benefit them well beyond the tenure of our engagement.

I assist my clients to achieve their goals by:

- enhancing relationships;
- identifying possibilities; and
- increasing capacity for excellence.

The pillars of my service are authenticityintegrityexcellence and empowerment. I believe that assisting my clients to mobilise their own wisdom and experience is the most powerful method of implementing change.

I focus on creating environments which are psychologically, emotionally, intellectually, socially and creatively safe, so that my clients can take the necessary risks to achieve great things. I help create high performing teams which draw on the strengths and contributions of every individual to amplify the success of the collective.

With “Active Inspiration” coaching sessions, my clients have the option to hit the pavement and get moving, utilising the power of exercise to amplify their creative thinking and problem-solving capabilities.


Kate Witteven Astute Consulting Services

I totally get it - you have many competing demands...

As a wife, mum, small business owner, coach, trainer, running enthusiast and recovering academic, I understand the challenges associated with trying to do it all and feeling like you aren't doing anything properly.

My aspirations for you:

It is my mission to help my clients to feel purposeful, successful and fulfilled in all aspects of their lives, by aligning themselves to their highest aspirations. I love seeing my clients break through their limiting beliefs to achieve their own version of excellence.

My aspirations for your organisation:

I believe that organisations are only as successful as the health of their culture, and I strive to help leaders create organisational cultures that are conducive to the well-being and success of all employees.

A bit about me:

My favourite things, other than seeing my clients succeed, are my family, friends, two cute dogs, and early morning runs. I also enjoy belting out a tune whilst driving with my 3 gorgeous munchkins, despite my son's helpful suggestion that I should only sing in my head. Their horrified reactions are all the reinforcement I need.

Let's chat:

If I can be of assistance to you or your organisation, I look forward to connecting with you. I promise I won't sing.

Best wishes,

Kate Witteveen, Certified in Conversational Intelligence

Kate's qualifications: Bachelor of Social Science, Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) (First Class), PhD.
Kate's credentials: Accredited NLP Practitioner, Certified in Conversational Intelligence®, Certified Life Coach, DISC ADVANCED® Accredited Consultant.